Leigh on supporting her sister Lindsey

Leigh sits on her sofa holding a cup of tea
Leigh sits on her sofa holding a cup of tea

Leigh was a huge support to her sister Lindsey when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the summer of 2014.

She used the Macmillan website to help her understand what to expect throughout Lindsey’s treatment. 

Leigh's story

Lindsey and I are exceptionally close. There’s only three years between us and we’ve been that way since we were little. 

We do a lot of things together. We speak on the phone every single day, or we just meet up and talk about nothing for hours and put the world to rights, if you like.

Lindsey popped in to tell me something. I don't know why but I already knew what she what she was going to say. A million things ran through my head, why her? Is she going to die? She was the one reassuring me all the time saying it was going to be okay.

One of the first things I did when she left was to go on the Macmillan website. Macmillan’s website helped me a lot. The information was very clear and concise. You’d never be able to misunderstand what they were trying to get across. It helped me understand the process and what to expect – the symptoms, how Lindsey would behave, how she might feel. Just the whole procedure really and what happens afterwards. The after-care that she would get. The chances of it coming back. Just general stuff like that.

Lindsey’s husband isn’t always here and works away a lot, so we all had to help Lindsey in other ways while she was tired and weak and not feeling so good. 

We had the children quite a lot so she had some time on her own. We took her out a little bit, just for coffee and a catch-up and we cleaned her house and did chores. Just little things that you naturally do anyway but they’re probably more important at that time when she’s not as strong to deal with everyday life.

While Lindsey had radiation therapy she was put in isolation and given the tablets. She wasn't allowed to see any of us, so that was quite difficult – not being able to be in contact with her very much or be with her in person.

Lindsey's back to normal now, she's got her health and her energy back. We've always been really close but you pull together when things like this happen and it makes you stronger.

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Watch: all about Leigh's experiences supporting Lindsey

Watch: all about Leigh's experiences supporting Lindsey