Make money one less worry

Living with cancer can be tough on finances, but Macmillan can help. Our new campaign aims to spread the word about the financial impact of cancer and the financial support and guidance we offer. Volunteers like you are pivotal in helping us to get the message out there.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their first thought is rarely about its financial impact. But four in five people with cancer are worse off as a result of their diagnosis – on average by £570 a month.  Money worries may arise due to not being able to earn in the same way, and increased spending on everyday costs like heating and getting around. It also can be difficult to know how to plan ahead financially. Too often, money worries just get out of control. One person who understands this is Kris, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

‘It was all quite scary,’ he says. ‘I had a big operation and a long recovery time, and my wife needed to drive to visit me in hospital, which meant we had to buy a car.’


Kris’s financial worries got worse when he was made redundant from his job and was unable to take on a new one because he started having anxiety attacks as a result of his cancer. As the household’s only breadwinner, the family’s declining financial resources constantly played on his mind. That’s when Kris reached out to the Macmillan Information and Support Centre at Castle Hill Hospital in Yorkshire. 

‘The team put us in touch with a financial adviser who advised us on which benefits would be best for us and which we could apply for. It took some of the stress and the worry out of the situation and meant that I could focus on my recovery.’ Kris credits the team at the information centre with giving his family more stability. ‘The team are a point of reference when everything else is changing or unstable. We know where to go now. We know they will find us help.’

If you meet someone during your volunteering who’s struggling with the financial effects of cancer, please tell them to get in touch with us. With your support, we can help them deal with their money worries and get back to the things that matter most in life. Find out more about the financial support and guidance that Macmillan offers.