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We're delighted you're going to join us for Coffee Morning! By taking part, you will join tens of thousands of people across the UK raising money to support people living with cancer.

Keep an eye on your inbox for your welcome email which will arrive shortly. It contains lots of useful information including details of when your fundraising kit will arrive and your personal fundraising page which has been set up for you.

A person with long dark hair is laughing. They are holding a treat in one hand and a plate with a fork in the other. Behind them is another person with short hair who is also laughing and holding food and a plate. They appear to be inside.
A person with long dark hair is laughing. They are holding a treat in one hand and a plate with a fork in the other. Behind them is another person with short hair who is also laughing and holding food and a plate. They appear to be inside.

Start planning today

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1. Spread the word

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2. Share your fundraising page

A close up view of a table at a Coffee Morning event. The table has a Macmillan branded table cloth on it. There is a table placard that says 'get in before they're gone.' Behind it is a small Macmillan-branded collection pot. There are plates with different food items too.

3. Grab some goodies

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4. Join our community

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I invite people to my Coffee Morning?

    There are many ways to invite your guests, here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Set up a Facebook event.
    • Put up our event poster and send out invitations. Visit our fundraising resources page to view our Coffee Morning themed ones. You'll also find these in your fundraising kit.
    • Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group.
    • Send an email to your colleagues, customers and clients.

    You can share your personal Coffee Morning fundraising page at the same time - it's a great way for people to donate if they can't come along on the day.

  • How do I use my online Coffee Morning fundraising page?

    Once you’ve registered to host a Coffee Morning, a fundraising page will automatically be set up for you, so you can start fundraising straight away. The URL for your fundraising page can be found in your registration email.

    If you’d like to personalise your page, you can add a photo, a fundraising target and update your bio with more details about your event. You can do this quickly and easily by creating an account. The link to personalise your page will also be in your registration e-mail.

    Download our handy guide to using your Coffee Morning fundraising page.

    If you can’t find the link to your page, please send an email to - the team will help you sort it.

  • How can I raise money at my Coffee Morning?

    Once you've registered, we'll send you your free fundraising kit which is full of ideas to help make your event a success. We've also included a fundraising game and a Gift Aid sheet in your kit to help you raise even more money at your Coffee Morning.

    We will also send you a link to your own online Coffee Morning fundraising page. Personalise your page, then share it to spread the word far and wide.

    You can also use the QR code stickers in your pack for people to scan and donate to your Coffee Morning on the day. Your QR code will also be emailed to you, so you will be able to share that too.

    Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! There are tons of other ideas to help you to raise a little extra money at your event. Why not get your guests involved with a fun sweepstake? For example, how many hundreds and thousands are on the cake?

    You could ask your guests to make a donation when they guess. If you need a little more inspiration, you can find tips, recipes and ideas in your fundraising kit and on our website too.

  • How can Macmillan claim Gift Aid on the donations I receive?

    Gift Aid is a Government scheme that enables charities to reclaim the Income and/or Capital Gains Tax that supporters have already paid. To allow us to claim this back, you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient Income and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount of all Gift Aid donations made for that tax year.

    Donors who have not been charged sufficient tax to cover the Income Tax deducted from their Gift Aid donations are responsible for paying any difference.

    Gift Aid can increase your guests’ donations by 25p for every £1 without costing them another penny!

    Macmillan is able to reclaim tax on voluntary donations made by your guests once they have:

    • made an individual donation
    • filled in all the columns on your Gift Aid form
    • ticked the Gift Aid box.

    Please note, we can’t make claim if any of these steps have been missed.

    Only personal donations are eligible for Gift Aid. If you’re paying in a collection, if you’ve made a purchase or if you’ve had a chance to win a prize, this amount is not eligible for Gift Aid.

    Please note that Gift Aid does not apply to non-UK taxpayers, Isle of Man and Channel Island residents.

  • What food regulations do I need to follow for my Coffee Morning? What do I need to know about allergens?
    • Members of the public are not subject to the food standards regulations or the UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha's law (even if products were to be wrapped in cling film etc).
    • Where a school or organisation is "hosting" the Coffee Morning and inviting the public to donate goods, again they would not be subject to this regulation.
    • If a school or organisation is a registered food business and supplies their own products they would be subject to the regulation (as for any products they produce).

    It is considered best practice to list allergens where possible, but as above not a legal requirement for the public.

    For more information please visit the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website.