The Macmillan Loving Life Appeal

Step by step, day by day, with Macmillan's support, Howard is loving life again.

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Eight years ago, Howard was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumour after collapsing at work. After his diagnosis, life changed for Howard almost overnight. Lois, Howard’s Macmillan Nurse will never forget the day she met Howard, in the room with his consultant. He took the news about his tumour so calmly, even the news that he probably only had a matter of months left to live.

Lois was by Howard and his family’s side from the beginning. Will you donate today and help make sure a Macmillan nurse, like Lois, is there to support more families like Howard's?

Following his diagnosis and surgery, Howard lost much of the independence he has previously known. He was no longer able to work and this meant he didn’t have a steady income. He couldn’t drive either. This had a huge impact on Howard’s world, but Lois was there to support Howard and his family. She offered practical support by organising benefits and travel passes for Howard, but also by answering all their questions and being shoulder to cry on.

We’ve been there for Howard every step of the way but there are many people who don’t have the support of their own Macmillan nurse. So will you consider donating today? It could help someone get the support they urgently need.

Howard and his Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lois, are walking down a street. They are smiling at each other.

Howard is loving life again

It’s been over eight years since Howard’s operation, and there's no stopping him

He’s captained the local skittle team and the cribbage team. He sits on the committee of his local social club and he’s met his new partner, Hayley. They’re making all sorts of plans for the future and there’s a great deal to look forward to. He doesn’t know how much time he has left, but he’s determined to live life to the full.

Please give today and help more people live the life they love.