Treatment overview

Surgery is the main treatment for vulval cancer. For many women, surgery can cure the cancer. Surgery may be used alone or with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

The aim of surgery is to completely remove the cancer. It’s important that all the cancer is removed. At the same time, your surgeon will try to keep the appearance and function of the vulva and nearby tissues as normal as possible.

You may have radiotherapy to shrink the cancer before surgery. You may also have radiotherapy after surgery. This is to make sure any remaining cancer cells are destroyed. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also be used together (chemoradiation). If the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, chemotherapy may be used on its own.

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Staging and grading

The stage and grade of a cancer is used to describe its size and how quickly it may grow.

Cancer registry

Each country in the UK has its own cancer registry: information that helps the NHS and other organisations to plan and improve cancer services.