Publications and resources

There is a lot of information about cancer. Medical experts and people who've experienced cancer have helped us write advice to help you make sense of it. We've listened to your reviews and here you can find the most helpful information.

Order information about cancer types

Order booklets, audiobooks and leaflets about different cancer types. Find out about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options and how cancer might affect your life.

Work, finances and practical issues

Cancer affects all aspects of your life. We've got information and advice about finances and benefits, work and practical issues. You can order them for when you need them.

Coping with cancer and treatment

There is help if you're coping with the physical or emotional effects of cancer. You can also find information to support people with advanced cancer or at the end of life.

Treating cancer

Treatments can be to cure cancer, to control it or to help with symptoms. Understanding how they work will help you to prepare for how they might affect you.

Macmillan Organiser

Use our personal organiser to keep everything you need in one place. Record your appointments, medication, symptoms and questions for your medical team.

Our annual report and accounts

Last year was nothing short of exceptional for Macmillan. We reached 5.4m people, raised even more money and invested a greater amount in our services than ever before.