Your rights at work

We've produced this guide to Your rights at work when you're affected by cancer, which discusses the Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Both of these acts offer protection other discrimination at work for people affected by cancer, including carers.

Work and cancer guide

Information on employment rights, advice about coping with the effects of treatment and talking about cancer with your employer and colleagues.
Read the guide online or order a copy from be.Macmillan.

Work it out: the essential questions to ask about work

It can be hard to know what questions to ask and who to talk to when it comes to work issues. So we've created a tool featuring a range of questions for every stage of your cancer journey, with details of who to ask – for example your GP or line manager.

Download the Work it out tool [PDF, 328kb] or order a copy free from be.Macmillan.

Working while caring for someone with cancer

Information for anyone who is working, either full or part-time, while also caring for an adult partner, relative or friend with cancer.
Read the guide online or order a copy free from be.Macmillan.

Work it out tool for carers

Find the information you need about managing work and care responsibilities. The tool is divided into four topics: medical, work, home and financial.
Download the Work it out tool for carers or order a copy free from be.Macmillan.

Self-employment and cancer

Are you self-employed? Read our practical information about cancer and treatments, balancing your health needs and your work, deciding who to tell and what to say to them, keeping the business operating, and managing finances.
Read the guide online or order a copy from be.Macmillan.

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Working during treatment

Deciding whether to work during cancer treatment can be very difficult. It depends very much on individual circumstances.

Coping with side effects

Cancer treatment can cause different side effects. They can have an impact on your capacity to work.

Making treatment decisions

When you’re self-employed, you may have particular questions about treatment decisions and how they could impact on your work.

Talking to your employer

You’re not required to tell your employer about your cancer, but it can help them to support you during treatment.