Hormonal therapies for CUP

Sometimes, hormonal therapies are used to treat CUP.

Your doctor might prescribe hormonal therapy if tests on the cells show that your cancer has hormone receptors. These allow particular types of hormones or proteins to attach to the cancer cell.

Hormonal therapies work by reducing certain hormones or preventing them from causing the cancer cells to grow. They are commonly used to treat CUP when it is likely to be breast or prostate cancer. Hormonal therapies may also be used to treat cancer of the womb or kidney. They are usually given as either tablets or injections.

The side effects depend on the individual drug. General side effects can include tiredness, headaches, feeling sick and muscle or joint aches.

There are several types of hormonal therapies available and your specialist may try a different type if the first one doesn’t work for you. We have more information about individual hormonal therapies.