Supporting people who look after someone with cancer

There are around half a million people caring for someone with cancer while juggling full or part-time work.

A carer is someone who provides unpaid support to a family member or friend with cancer who couldn't manage without this help.

Caring can mean many things, including helping with personal care, providing transport or assisting with everyday chores.

Keep in mind that carers need support too.

Being a carer can have an impact on physical and emotional health, and this can affect the carer’s ability to work.

Watch our ten-minute Supporting carers video for real examples of how people were supported by their employers when they were looking after someone with cancer.

Some businesses are able to offer additional leave or allow a change in working hours to help accommodate their employee’s situation.

See our advice about things you should consider for supporting a working carer.

Order the DVD containing all our support videos for employers.

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Talking about cancer

Be open and honest when talking to a colleague or employee who has been diagnosed with cancer.