Managing the impact on finances

If you run a small business and one of your employees is affected by cancer, it can have an impact on finances.

Your employee may need to take time off for treatment, or to take care of someone else with cancer.

Balancing the needs of the individual and the needs of the business can be tough.

You may need to limit spending or make temporary changes to the way you operate.

We have information about managing business finances, which you may find useful.

If you’re not sure how to pay your business bills or debts, you can get free, confidential advice and help from organisations such as Business Debtline or GOV.UK.

See some real examples of how other small businesses managed and receive tips from a financial expert. Order the DVD containing all our support videos for employers.

You can also watch our ten-minute video on Managing the impact of cancer on a small business, which discusses the question of how a small company should deal with the financial implications of an employee with a cancer diagnosis.

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Talking about cancer

Be open and honest when talking to a colleague or employee who has been diagnosed with cancer.