Practical preparation before and after treatment

Young people looking after someone with cancer

Read our advice about getting support as a young carer.

  • General information

    Finding out about cancer

    If someone in your family is diagnosed with cancer, you might want to know more.

  • General information

    Being a young carer

    A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who looks after someone who is ill.

  • General information

    Young carer's assessment

    Any young carer can have a young carer’s assessment to find out what help you and your family might need.

  • General information

    School or college

    Being a young carer can sometimes affect school or college.

  • General information

    Getting help and support

    There are lots of places you can go to for support as a young carer.

  • General information

    Talking to professionals

    You may meet lots of health and social care professionals when you are a young carer.

  • General information

    Medical terms you might hear

    You might hear lots of medical words and phrases and want to know what they mean.