Your feelings

The way you feel about your breast reconstruction will depend partly on what you expect from the surgery. Make sure you discuss your expectations with your surgeon before you decide to go ahead. It’s important to wait for several months after surgery for the reconstructed breast to settle into its final shape, before deciding how happy you are with the result. Full healing can take about a year. It often takes more than one operation to get the best appearance for reconstructed breasts.

If you have concerns, discuss them with your surgeon or breast care nurse. Your surgeon may be able to offer an operation to improve the result. If you are still unhappy following discussions with your surgeon you can, if you wish, ask to be referred to another surgeon for a second opinion.

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Talking to your surgeon

Your reconstruction surgeon will explain what types of operation can be done and answer any questions you have.

Making your decision

An important part of making your decision about breast reconstruction is having realistic expectations about the result.