External beam radiotherapy explained

This is the most common type of radiotherapy, using rays to target the cancer cells.

  • Thyroid cancer

    What is external beam radiotherapy?

    You may have external beam radiotherapy if it isn’t possible to remove all the thyroid tumour, there’s a high risk or it coming back or it’s spread to other parts of the body.

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    Types of external beam radiotherapy

    Different types of radiotherapy allow doctors to treat the cancer more accurately. This reduces your chances of having side effects.

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    Planning your treatment

    Radiographers will work with you to plan your radiotherapy treatment.

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    Making a radiotherapy mask

    During radiotherapy to the head and neck a mask is used to help you keep still so that exactly the right area is treated.

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    After treatment

    It can take time for your body to recover after finishing treatment. Advice and support is always available.