Other things to think about

Bank accounts

These are frozen at the time of death and cannot be used, so you may want to consider putting bank accounts into joint names.

You can find more information about protecting or sharing any online accounts you have on the Marie Curie website.

Pension schemes

Some private or occupational pension schemes won’t pay out any benefits to partners if the owner of the pension scheme wasn’t married. This means that the pension fund is lost.

An independent financial adviser may be able to give you advice in these situations. You can contact a financial adviser through the Personal Finance Society or visit unbiased.co.uk

You can find more information about making the most of any pension schemes you may have on the Marie Curie website. You can also call our financial guides on 0808 808 00 00 for free guidance about pensions.

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Other financial help

Some charities and organisations offer grants to people with cancer to help with financial problems.