After your treatment has finished, you’ll be seen at the hospital for regular check-ups. It’s extremely important to attend these appointments, as any problems or signs that cancer has come back can be dealt with straightaway. Testicular cancer that comes back can often be cured.

To begin with, check-ups may be every month but they’ll gradually become less frequent. At your appointments, your doctor will ask how you’re feeling and examine you. Your remaining testicle will be checked. You may have blood tests taken to check tumour markers. This is to make sure the cancer hasn’t come back. You may also have regular chest x-rays and occasional CT scan or ultrasound scans.

Let your doctor know if you’re having any problems, such as new or ongoing symptoms, or any emotional or sexual difficulties. This helps them to assess you properly and give you the best help and support. If you have new symptoms in between your appointments, or if there’s anything worrying you, it’s important to contact your hospital doctor, nurse or GP for advice.

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Sex life and fertility

Certain treatments may affect your fertility or reduce your sex drive. But this is usually temporary.

After treatment

After treatment it takes time to recover. You may think about making changes that can help to improve your well-being.