Activities near you

What activities are available near you?

There are lots of ways you can find out about activities in your area:

  • Use our in your area tool to find out about activities and groups near you.
  • Contact your local council. See their website or call them to find out what activities are provided in their parks and leisure centres.
  • Ask your GP if they can refer you to any specialist service like exercise on referral, falls prevention (if you're worried about falling) or physiotherapy (if you've had surgery, for example).
  • Search online – there's a list of useful search tools below.
  • Contact the national governing body for an activity you're interested in. For example, if you're interested in outdoor bowls, you could contact Bowls England, Bowls Scotland, Welsh Bowling Association or Northern Ireland Bowling Association. Your country's national sports council can tell you about individual sports' governing bodies.
  • Get advice from health professionals.

Getting started with physical activity

Once you’ve started, you’ll probably find being active becomes an enjoyable part of the way you live. Many people notice the benefits quite quickly. You’ll feel less tired and stressed, and have more confidence. Noticing these changes and knowing the benefits to your health can keep you motivated, even on days when it’s difficult. If you’re struggling, don’t be hard on yourself.

Just remind yourself of all the benefits. There are some online search tools that you may find helpful:

  • On the Spogo website you can search for sport and fitness venues, clubs and activities across the UK. You can search by activity or location. Visit
  • England has a national search tool on the NHS Choices website. Go to and enter your postcode.
  • Scotland has a national search tool at Enter your postcode or town to find activities near you.
  • Wales has a website where you can search for activities near you – visit

In Northern Ireland, you can use the website to search for activities near you.


Walking groups are an enjoyable, social way to become active. There are free, guided health walks across the UK. We have more information on health walks and how to search for your nearest one.


National sports councils will be able to give you contact details for individual sports’ governing bodies. They can help you find facilities near you. These are the UK’s sports councils:

Sport England

020 7273 1551

Sport Scotland

0141 534 6500

Sport Wales

0300 300 3111

Sport Northern Ireland

028 9038 1222


Gardening is a way of enjoying some physical activity outdoors. It can also be quite therapeutic to watch your garden grow. The National Gardens Scheme gives you the chance to visit some of the most beautiful gardens in England and Wales. The scheme raises money for several charities including Macmillan and other cancer and carers charities. Visit to find a garden near you, or to open your own garden to raise money for charity.

Mobility and disability organisations

There are specific organisations that can help if you have mobility problems or a disability:

Disability Sport Wales

Disability Sports Northern Ireland

English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS)

Scottish Disability Sport


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Health walks

Walking is one of the most popular forms of activity and a great way to keep healthy. We work with health walk programmes all over the UK.

Who can help you get active

Talk to your physiotherapist or your doctor before you start doing physical activity. They’ll point you to appropriate exercise programmes.

Tips to get you started

You may find keeping active after a cancer diagnosis challenging. There are some tips that can get you started.