Luke on giving back

Luke holds his son in the living room
Luke holds his son in the living room

Luke was diagnosed with bowel cancer in the summer of 2007. His Macmillan nurse, Theresa helped him through this difficult time. 

After his treatment, Luke and his wife Lisa decided to fundraise for Macmillan at drag car racing events, raising more than £2,000.

Luke's story

I think it was late 2008, after the chemo, that we decided to raise money for Macmillan. We talked about it as a family and thought our drag racing was probably the best way to get word out there. So throughout 2009 we did raffles, sold t-shirts, pretty much anything really.

People who do sports in general probably find there’s a massive sense of community. And drag racing is up there because everyone at the track put their hand in their pocket and donated. We raised just over £2000.

It was just my way of paying back Macmillan for helping me. Because that £2000 might go to someone else that really needs it, just like I got help with the car tax.

I think fundraising also helps you to feel supported. When I first got ill, there were rumours going around about me being sick, but nobody really knew. In the end I just wrote a short piece for a drag racing website explaining my situation. And the support that came back was phenomenal.

The fact that I just came out with and said ‘I’ve got cancer’ made everyone else more comfortable and feel they could approach me.

In late 2008 I won a trophy which was voted for by the racers. It was an awesome feeling. I can talk quite a bit, but when I went up to collect it I couldn’t make a speech because I would have just blubbered like a little girl.