Dave on the Macmillan Support Line

Concerned he would hurt his family, Dave didn’t want to tell his them when he was diagnosed with prostate and kidney cancer.

Speaking to the Macmillan Support Line gave him the strength to talk to his partner and children about how he felt.

Dave's story

When I phoned Macmillan initially, I was in an emotional turmoil and just needed to talk to someone.

We talked about my cancer, my diagnosis and about the support that was available. It was lovely to have someone on the phone who would listen to all the things that sometimes you’re afraid to say to the people closest to you. It helped me put things in perspective.

I guess for everyone with cancer the thing they fear most is dying or suffering. Being able to talk to somebody who isn’t emotionally involved is sometimes easier than talking to the people you love. You know that’s going to hurt them.

After speaking with Macmillan I felt a lot better, a lot happier and more confident. It gave me the strength and resolve to be able to talk to Prue (my partner) and my children about how I felt. That’s important because I think people who are close to you need to know how you’re feeling, because no one can help you if they don’t.

Where would I be without Macmillan? I shudder to think. I don’t think I would have done all the things I’ve done this year and all the things I’m planning to do next year without them.

Watch: Dave's story

Watch: Dave's story