Dave on getting support

Dave hugs his Macmillan professional.
Dave hugs his Macmillan professional.

Following Dave’s diagnosis of prostate and kidney cancer he was introduced to Gill, a Macmillan trained nurse.

Gill was there for Dave every step of his journey, from emotional to practical support, she was there as much or as little as he needed her.

Dave's story

After my diagnosis I was introduced to Gill, a clinical nurse specialist trained by Macmillan. I can remember Gill coming into the room. She was very reassuring and has been in all the time since.

She took us to a private room where she talked about my options and about what was going to happen next. I will always remember her telling me not to compare prostate cancer with ovarian cancer, which is what killed my wife.

Gill is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She’s always been there for me and always encouraged me. She’s helped me through the most difficult period of my life.

The biggest impact was being able to pick up the phone at any time and speak to someone who understood what I was going through and how I was feeling. How can you quantify the support of someone who has listened to you when you’ve been down and who has kept in touch to make sure that everything is going okay?

The day I found blood in my urine was a bit of a meltdown moment. But Gill got back to me and reassured me, and that makes a difference.

Without Gill’s support I’m not sure I’d be where I am today. She’s given me the strength and the courage to work through not one but two diagnoses of cancer. I’ll never forget her.

Watch: Dave's story

Watch: Dave's story