Cath on emotional support

Cath is seated in a chair legs crossed. She is in her living room at home.
Cath is seated in a chair legs crossed. She is in her living room at home.

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer, Cath used the Macmillan website to get information at every stage of her illness. 

She also found support from The Source, helping her connect with people online who were going through a similar experience.

Cath's story

I live on my own, so after diagnosis I had to cope, I had to arrange everything. I had to arrange my hospital appointments. I had to arrange to have a taxi take me. There are times when you’re sitting there and thinking, I wish somebody would make me a drink. But if you want one you’ve got to go and make it yourself. Without Macmillan it would have been quite lonely

What’s nice about the website is that you can read about your diagnosis and then about what’s happening next, how things progress. And then when it comes to the end, there’s that little bit of support there as well – it explains that, because your treatment’s ended and everything’s stopped, your life is different again now.
On the website I came across The Source, which gives you tips. I would go online and check The Source every day to see what tips were on there. What’s nice about it is that everybody’s in the same boat. You’re always thinking, 'Is what I’m feeling normal?’ But then you might find somebody else saying exactly the same thing, and you're reassured.

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