Videos about coping with cancer

Videos about the emotional impact of cancer

You and your loved ones may find it difficult to cope emotionally when you have cancer. This is normal. Watch our videos about some of the emotions you might have to deal with and how to cope through talking. You will hear from health professionals, and other people in the same situation.

Mental health and emotions

Dealing with uncertainty

Darren talks about how he coped with uncertainty after his testicular cancer diagnosis.


Alfie talks about coping with depression after his cancer diagnosis.

Relationships and sex

Talking about cancer


A counsellor explains how counselling can help you if you’ve been affected by cancer.

Talking about cancer at work

Hear people talking about how they told colleagues about their cancer diagnosis. It also contains advice from HR professionals.

Talking to children

Debbie talks about her diagnosis of breast cancer and how she and her husband explained it to their three children.

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