Teens and young adults

If you are a young person who is living with cancer, there is information and support especially for you.

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General information Find groups near you

Macmillan supports more than 900 independent cancer support groups and organisations across the UK. If you need to talk about your cancer experience, you can find one near you.

General information Cancer and your feelings

There is no right or wrong way to feel after a cancer diagnosis. You are likely to feel many different emotions.

General information Macmillan's Online Community

Macmillan’s Online Community is a network of people affected by cancer which anyone can join to get support from others any time. It’s anonymous, and free to join.

Information to help you

  • Cancer types

    Find information about the cancer types that are most likely to affect teens and young adults.

  • Tests and scans for cancer

    Find out about some of the tests and scans that are used to diagnose cancer and to see how you're doing during and after treatment.

  • Having treatment

    Find out about the possible treatments for cancer. We have info about when each treatment might be used, how it's given and possible side effects.

  • Caring for someone with cancer

    You may not think you are a young carer. But if you’re under 18 and you spend any of your time looking after someone who is ill then you’re a young carer. Find information and advice on coping with your feelings and where to find support.

  • Relationships, sex and fertility

    Information about sex, relationships and fertility for teens and young adults with cancer

General information

Amrik reading a book Amrik on missing out

'I was turning 18 and going out partying. It’s not a time you want to be ill. You want to be fighting fit and enjoying life'