Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Looking after your heart

If you have problems with your heart, we can help you spot risk factors and keep your heart healthy.

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    The heart and how it works

    The heart is a large muscle that pumps blood around your body.

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    Heart problems

    Different types of heart problem can develop if part of the heart is not working properly.

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    Risk factors for heart problems

    Some factors can increase your risk of developing heart problems. Improving your lifestyle can lower your risk.

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    Keeping your heart healthy

    You can help keep your heart healthy by making changes such as eating well or stopping smoking.

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    Warning signs of heart problems

    If you have any warning signs of heart problems, tell your doctor straight away. Early treatment can prevent further damage.

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    10 top tips for heart health

    These tips will help to keep your heart healthy before, during and after cancer treatment.