Working and caring for someone with advanced cancer

If the cancer gets worse, the needs of the person you care for are likely to change. You can get advice on this from the person’s GP, community or specialist nurse, or social services staff.

You may need more time off work, especially if you are looking after the person at home at the end of their life. You may have to make decisions about carrying on working.

Sometimes it may mean it is no longer realistic for you to keep looking after them at home. They may need a different type of care than you can provide for them.

The demands of caring can also have an effect on you. Talk to your GP or nurses to find out more about extra support and help. You can ask social services for a reassessment of your needs as a carer, as well as those of the person you are caring for.

Some people may decide they want to give up work for a period of time. Whatever you decide, this will be a difficult time for you and will affect how you work. Tell your manager about the change in your circumstances so that they can continue to support you.

We have more information and advice about caring for someone with advanced cancer that you may find helpful. You can also call us on 0808 808 00 00 for emotional and practical support.

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