Benefits and other financial support

About benefits

The benefits system in the UK is complex and can be confusing. The benefits you may be entitled to depends on factors such as your age, your income and whereabouts in the UK you live. It's important to know your benefits rights, and find out who can help you to claim.

  • General information

    An introduction to the benefits system

    There are many different types of financial benefit that could be available to you.

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    Who can help you get financial support?

    Many people can give you advice on your financial situation. Some charities and organisations offer grants.

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    The Welfare Reform Act

    There have been changes to the benefits system. There are a number of ways your benefits could be affected.

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    Protecting your right to state benefits

    Some benefits depend on your national insurance contributions. There are organisations to help you find out what you are entitled to.

  • General information

    Macmillan grants

    A Macmillan grant is a one-off payment for adults, young people or children with cancer, to cover a wide range of practical needs.