Adapting your home and nursing care

Local councils can assess your needs and provide financial help if you need to repair, improve or adapt your home for health reasons – for example if you need to install a stair lift or a ramp.

Differences across the UK

Grants for home adaptations differ across the UK.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland these grants are called Disabled Facilities Grants – visit in England and Wales, or NI direct in Northern Ireland.

In Scotland you should contact your local council to find out what support they offer. You can find contact details in your local phone book or at COSLA.

Grants may also be available to help you improve the heating systems and insulation in your home. These grants are mainly for people who are disabled, on a low income, or over 60. We have more detailed information about heating grants and managing your energy costs.

How to claim

Contact your local council. In Northern Ireland, contact your local health and social care trust.

Aids and equipment

If you need special equipment or aids to help you manage at home, for example a raised toilet seat or hand rails, your GP or specialist nurse can refer you to a social worker to get these for you. Or you can contact your local social services or social work department. They can arrange for a social worker or occupational therapist to assess your needs. Social workers may be able to supply what you need at no cost.

You can also get general advice and information about all types of equipment from the Disabled Living Foundation.

Nursing home charges

People who are responsible for their own nursing home charges should check whether they’re entitled to financial help. Speak to your healthcare professional or call the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00.

If you are a parent or look after children, you may be able to get payments to help you care for them.

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Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Support can help people in England, Scotland and Wales who are struggling to pay their council tax.

Keeping warm

There are simple changes you can make around the house to help keep your energy costs down.

Help with energy bills

There are schemes to help you manage the cost of fuel bills and to make energy-saving changes to your home.