What happens after treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma?


After your treatment has finished you’ll have regular check-ups.

To begin with, these may be every three months or so and will include a physical examination, blood tests and possibly chest x-rays. Sometimes a PET scan might be used to check whether all the lymphoma has gone after treatment. You’ll usually have one of these scans within the first year.

After the first year, routine scans tend not to be used unless you have symptoms. This is because so far research has not shown that they are useful at finding out whether or not the lymphoma has returned before symptoms appear.

Your follow-up appointments will gradually become less frequent, but you’ll probably continue to have them for several years. Many people find that for a while they get very anxious before the appointments. This is natural. It may help to get support from family or friends during this time.

If you have any problems, or notice any new symptoms in between check-ups, let your doctor know as soon as possible.

For people whose treatment is over apart from regular check-ups, our section on adjusting to life after cancer gives useful advice about keeping healthy and adjusting to life after treatment.