Chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer

Chemotherapy is an important treatment for small cell lung cancer. It uses drugs to attack the cancer. Find out what to expect.

  • Lung cancer

    Chemotherapy for lung cancer

    Chemotherapy can be used to treat lung cancer. It disrupts the growth of cancer cells.

  • General information

    How should I prepare for chemotherapy?

    It’s important to think ahead when preparing for chemotherapy.

  • General information

    Your feelings

    You may experience difficult feelings while having chemotherapy treatment. Talking these over can be helpful.

  • General information

    Where can you have chemotherapy?

    You usually have chemotherapy in a chemotherapy day unit or clinic. If your treatment is more complex, you may need to stay in hospital.

  • Lung cancer

    Controlling symptoms

    You may develop other symptoms after your lung cancer diagnosis. There are treatments to relieve these.