Possible long term effects

Sometimes radiotherapy for lung cancer may cause long-term side effects. These are side effects that begin during treatment but don’t go away, or side effects that develop months or years later.

The lungs may become inflamed or the tissue can become scarred (fibrosis). Let your cancer doctor or specialist nurse know if you have a cough or are short of breath.

Sometimes the gullet can become narrower, causing difficulty in swallowing. In some people, the bones in the chest area may become thinner and this may cause pain in that area.

Most people won’t get late effects. But if you notice any symptoms, always tell your cancer doctor or nurse.

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What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells. This treatment aims to treat cancer or relieve symptoms.

Who might I meet?

You will meet many different specialists before, during and after radiotherapy treatment.