Hormonal therapies

Hormonal therapies for secondary cancer in the liver

You may be offered hormonal therapies to treat secondary cancer in the liver. This is usually if the cancer has spread from the breast. Hormones help to control how cells grow and what they do in the body. Some hormones can also affect the growth of breast cancer cells.

Hormonal therapies work by:

  • lowering the levels of particular hormones in the body
  • preventing hormones from being used by the cancer cells.

Hormonal therapies can slow down or stop the growth of the cancer cells. They can shrink the cancer and reduce or get rid of symptoms.

Side effects

Hormonal therapy can cause side effects for some people, including hot flushes and sweats. Although the effects can be mild for many people, for others they can be more difficult to cope with. It’s important to discuss the possible side effects with your doctor before you start treatment.

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