Checklist - things to consider before you travel

For all travellers:

  • Are you fit to travel safely?
  • Will you need a travel companion or helper to accompany you?
  • Will you need any special equipment?
  • Have you let the travel company and your accommodation know about any particular needs?
  • Do you need any particular vaccinations for the destination? Remember to take any relevant certificates with you.
  • Have you got enough medicines/medical supplies for the whole time you will be away? Remember to take extra supplies in case your return is delayed.
  • Do you have your passport and another form of proof of UK residence, such as a driver’s licence? 
  • Do you have your travel insurance policy and certificate?
  • Have you packed all your medical supplies or equipment in your hand luggage, where you can keep a careful eye on them?

If you’re travelling to a European Economic Area country or to Switzerland:

If you’re travelling with medicines for more than three months:

  • Do you need/have a personal medicines licence?

If you’re going abroad for planned treatment:

  • Do you have an S2 form (unless you will be claiming under Article 56)?

If you have severe mobility problems:

  • Do you have your Blue Badge, if you think you’ll need it?

If you have a stoma:

  • Does your hotel or accommodation have en suite facilities, including facilities to dispose of appliances, if you think this will be necessary?

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Travel services

Travel services often have facilities, staff or schemes to help make your trip safe.

Travelling with a stoma

Having a stoma shouldn’t stop you from travelling, but you may need to plan your trip more carefully.