Disability Living Allowance

In England, Scotland and Wales, you may still be getting Disability Living Allowance (DLA) if you claimed for this benefit before June 2013. You could claim DLA if you were under 65 and had difficulty walking, finding your way around outdoors safely or looking after yourself. DLA has a care component and a mobility component.

In Northern Ireland, you can make a new claim for DLA as an adult before 20 June 2016.

Important changes

For people making a new claim in England, Scotland or Wales, Personal Independence Payment has replaced DLA for people aged 16–65. DLA awards for children or people who are 65 or over won’t be affected. For the most up-to-date information, contact a welfare rights adviser.

If you’re already claiming DLA in England, Scotland or Wales, you’ll be asked to transfer to PIP before the end of 2017. You may be asked earlier if you:

  • reach the end of an award
  • report a change in how your disability or condition affects you
  • have a child who reaches 16.

In Northern Ireland, PIP will be introduced from 20 June 2016.

How much you’ll get

These are the weekly DLA rates for April 2016–April 2017:

RateWeekly care componentWeekly mobility component
Higher rate£82.30£57.45
Middle rate£55.10N/A
Lower rate£21.80£21.80

How to claim

In England, Scotland and Wales, you can generally only make a new claim for DLA now for a child aged under 16. This is known as DLA for children.

To make a claim or for more information in Northern Ireland, call the Northern Ireland Benefit Enquiry Line 0800 220 674, or textphone 028 9031 1092.

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