Support if you have fatigue

If you find it difficult to cope with your fatigue, it might be helpful to talk about how you’re feeling.

You may want to talk to a counsellor. They can help you talk about your feelings and help you find ways of dealing with them. Our cancer support specialists can tell you about services in your area or you can ask your GP to refer you.

Other people find it comforting to speak to a religious or spiritual advisor about how they are feeling. You don’t need to have any particular faith, as they are used to supporting people of different faiths, or no faith, in times of need

You may find it helpful to talk to other people in a similar situation. You can meet people by joining a support group. There are cancer support groups all over the UK. Or you may want to join an online support group or chat room. You can talk to other people or just read people’s posts. Online support groups are usually available 24 hours a day and are easy to join and leave. On our online community, you can share your thoughts and get support from other people in a similar situation.

Counselling and fatigue

If you find it difficult to cope with your fatigue, or you feel anxious or depressed, you may find counselling helpful. Counsellors are trained to listen, and can help you talk through your feelings and find ways of dealing with them. They won’t give advice or answers, but will help you find your own answers. You may find counselling particularly helpful if you aren’t able to discuss your feelings and emotions with people close to you.

Many hospitals have counsellors or staff who are specially trained to provide emotional support and counselling. You can ask your hospital doctor or nurse what services are available and ask them to refer you. Some GPs have counsellors in their practice, or they can refer you to one.

If you would like to find out more about counselling, our cancer support specialists can tell you more and let you know about services in your area. Not all counselling services are available on the NHS, so you may need to pay for them.

Support groups and fatigue

Some people find it helps to talk to other people who’ve had fatigue. You may find talking to other people at the hospital helpful, or you could join a local support group.

Most areas in the UK have cancer support groups. They are sometimes led by a healthcare professional. Other members of the group may be in a similar position to you. Some support groups have counsellors.

Some people find groups helpful and they form close relationships with other members. However, other people get embarrassed or uncomfortable when talking about personal issues with strangers. Don’t worry if groups aren’t for you.

Online support and fatigue

You may find it helps to join an online support group or chat room. There are a number of online groups for various cancers, where you can chat to other people. If you prefer, you can stay anonymous and just read other people’s posts. Online groups and chat rooms can be very supportive, as you’ll find that other people have similar thoughts, emotions and experiences to you.

The groups and chat rooms are often available 24 hours a day, so there may be people online you can chat to when you really need support the most. Online groups are easy to join and leave, without any need for personal contact or explanations.

Visit our online community to chat to people in our forums, blog your experiences, make friendships and join support groups. You can share your own thoughts and feelings, and get support from others.

Spiritual support

Some people find comfort in religion during times when they feel anxious or depressed. You may find it helpful to talk to a local minister, hospital chaplain or other spiritual or religious adviser. Don’t be put off if you’ve never talked to one before, or if you don’t have any particular faith. They are used to supporting people in times of need.

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What is fatigue?

Fatigue is feeling very tired most, or all, of the time. It can sometimes be caused by cancer or cancer treatment.

What causes fatigue?

There are many causes of fatigue. Knowing about them may help you to cope with your fatigue a bit better.

Tips for better rest

Tiredness can affect your sleeping patterns. There are ways to manage this so you get the most out of your rest.