Living with CML

You can live with CML for a long time – often for your normal lifespan. To help you stay as well as possible, you may want to make changes to your lifestyle and find out more about healthy living. Even if you had a healthy lifestyle before your diagnosis, you may want to focus more on making the most of your health.

You might choose to make just a few changes, or completely change the way you live. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is about making small, achievable changes to the way you live. This will improve your health and sense of well-being, and lower your risk of getting other illnesses and some cancers.

A healthy lifestyle includes having a well-balanced diet, being physically active, reducing stress, and being involved in your healthcare. When planning changes, you will need to take any side effects of treatment into account. Try not to do too much, too soon.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It may feel like it’s a lot of hard work and you’re denying yourself life’s pleasures. But there are many benefits. It’s important to do what’s right for you.

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Lifestyle and well-being

Looking after yourself and doing some physical activity can be an important part of your recovery.