Grants for your home

Local councils or the Northern Ireland Housing Executive can give you financial help if you need to repair, improve or adapt your home for health reasons. For example, if you need to:

  • widen doors and install ramps
  • improve access to the bathroom or bedroom
  • provide a heating system that is suitable for your needs.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, these grants are called Disabled Facilities Grants.

In Scotland, local councils may provide a grant to help cover the cost of adapting your home.

There are also grants to help you improve the heating and insulation in your home. These are mainly for people who are disabled, on a low income or aged over 60. We have more information about managing your energy costs.

You can find out more about grants and other financial support by visiting one of the following websites:

  • In England or Wales, visit
  • In Northern Ireland, visit
  • In Scotland, you should contact your local council to find out what support they offer. You can find contact details in your phone book or at

We also have more information about help with housing costs.

How to claim

Contact your local council, or your local health and social care trust if you live in Northern Ireland. You should be able to find contact details in your phone book or by visiting one of the following websites:

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Housing Benefit

You may be able to get help with your rent payments if you have a low income.

Help with council tax or rates

Council tax reduction schemes can help people in England, Scotland and Wales to pay their council tax. In Northern Ireland, there are options to help you pay your rates bill.

Help with energy bills

There are schemes to help you manage the cost of fuel bills and to make energy-saving changes to your home.

Help with service charges

You might be able to get help with service charges, such as bills for repairs and maintenance to your home.