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Bone health

Some cancer treatments may affect your bones. Find tips to help you maintain healthy bones and improve your bone strength.

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    The bones

    The bones have several functions in the body, including protecting your internal organs.

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    Factors that affect bone health

    Many factors can affect your bone health, such as your age, weight and lifestyle.

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    Cancer treatments and bone health

    Cancer treatments can sometimes reduce the hormone levels in the body. This can lead to bone loss.

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    Looking after your bones

    You can improve your bone health by making changes to your lifestyle.

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    Exercise and bone health

    Try to find a type of exercise that you enjoy. This means you are more likely to keep doing it.

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    Tests to check bone health

    If you’re at risk of weak bones you may have tests done to check your bone health.

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    Treatments to protect your bones

    There are drug treatments that can help to reduce bone loss and the risk of fractures.