If acute myeloid leukaemia comes back (relapse)

Chemotherapy can cure AML. Sometimes, however, it may relapse, which can be very disappointing and upsetting. If this happens, your specialist will advise you on how best to treat it, and work out the most positive approach for you. Your AML may be resistant to the drugs you had the first time, so different drugs or new combinations of different drugs may be needed to give you further remissions.

This can be a frightening time for you, and you may feel that you need extra support. You can to talk to our cancer support specialists on 0808 808 00 00, or the people close to you. You may find it helpful to talk through the thoughts, feelings and fears that a recurrence of AML can bring.

You may want to look into whether any new treatments are being tested in research trials for your type of cancer. If you want to explore this further, you can speak to your hospital specialist, who can find out whether there are any new treatments that would be suitable for you.

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After your treatment ends you will receive follow-up care from your healthcare team and you may have tests and scans to check your health.