The Macmillan Horizon Centre

The Macmillan Horizon Centre will be opening in Summer 2016. It has been designed with input from people affected by cancer to make it the best place to offer the support and services that people in Sussex need. The centre will offer all round support from a team of specialists in a calm, friendly and welcoming environment. You can see more information below about the specific services we'll offer. 

The Macmillan Horizon Centre is a partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support, the Sussex Cancer Fund and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Volunteers needed - can you help?

Volunteers will play a vital role at the Macmillan Horizon Centre. We couldn't offer these services without people like you. If you have the time and skills to help us support people affected by cancer, please get in touch today.

You can browse all opportunities or find out more about the different services below to find the best way for you to get involved.

Service Users Group

The Service Users Group is an integral part of the development of the Macmillan Horizon Centre. The group is made up of people who have been affected by cancer and want to use their experiences to help shape the services.

For further information or if you are interested to join the Service Users Group please contact

Information and support

Welfare benefits advice and questions about money

Macmillan has supported partners in East and West Sussex to develop services to support people affected by cancer to access welfare benefits and grants.

From February 2014 Macmillan has been in partnership with Brighton and Hove Citizens Advice Bureau to start an interim Welfare Benefits Service for people affected by Cancer in Brighton and Hove.

The interim service can be accessed by appointments at either the Cancer Centre and/or Brighton and Hove Citezens Advice Bureau

When the Macmillan Horizon Centre opens in Summer 2016 there will be a Welfare Benefits and Financial Support service based at the support centre that will provide support to people from across Sussex. 

The current services can advise on:

  • what benefits and tax credits are available and help you apply for them
  • challenging incorrect benefit decisions
  • health costs, such as travel to hospital for treatment
  • access to charitable grants
  • housing and fuel costs
  • where to access appropriate advice on other issues, such as debt, housing and employment
  • signposting you to other organisations who can provide additional help.

For people living in Brighton and Hove

Please contact: Brighton & Hove Macmillan Welfare Benefits Service, delivered by Brighton & Hove CAB

Phone: 01273 223955  Email:

For the palliative and end-of-life service delivered in partnership with Age UK and Martlets Hospice: 01273 273400 or email

For People living in East Sussex 

Please contact: East Sussex Macmillan Welfare Benefits Service, delivered by BHT and Money Advice Plus Services.

Phone: 01323 635989  Email:

For People living in West Sussex 

Please contact: The West Sussex Macmillan Welfare Benefits Service, delivered by Central & South Sussex CAB across West Sussex. 

Phone: 01903 532234  Email:

We also have a lot more information about benefits and the financial impact of cancer.

Counselling and psychological therapies

When it opens in Summer 2016 the Macmillan Horizon Centre will provide a psychological therapy service managed by a Psychological Therapy Service Manager. The psychological therapy service will be provided by volunteers who are fully qualified. 

Current Macmillan psychological support services across Sussex:

East Sussex Healthcare Trust 

The East Sussex Macmillan Counselling Service has staff based in Eastbourne and Hastings and currently has 14 qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who volunteer their time and together provide a range of psychological services in Eastbourne, Seaford, Uckfield, Bexhill and Hastings areas. 

Contacts: telephone 01323 414 918, Extension 3252 or 07747 472657, or email   

West Sussex Healthcare Trust 

The West Sussex Macmillan Psychological Therapy Service based in Chichester (a 0.6 post) provides a counselling service for patients with a cancer diagnosis who are referred by their CNS or consultant. The Trust is exploring, with Macmillan, options to expand the service to Worthing. 

Contact: telephone 01243 831 624 or email

Brighton Sussex University Trust

The BSUH Macmillan Psychological Therapy Service has staff (1.0 WTE) based at the Cancer Centre in Brighton and also covers Princess Royal in Haywards Heath and currently has 5 volunteers providing a range of therapies in Brighton and Haywards Heath. 

Contact: telephone 01273 66469 or email

Across Sussex

Non-NHS based cancer-focussed psychological support services are also available across Sussex at:

Self help and support groups

There are a variety of self help and support groups across Sussex that offer different types of support and activities for people affected by cancer. You can find details of local and national self help support groups in your area.

Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies refers to those therapies which are used alongside conventional health interventions and treatment and does not include alternative therapies which instead are used in a curative manner independently of orthodox medicine. 

The complementary therapies that will be offered at the Macmillan Horizon Centre when it opens in Summer 2016 will:

  • work alongside medical treatment without compromising existing care

  • be based on current evidence and best practice 

  • be based on consultation, planning, education and demonstrable competence

  • be consistent with Macmillan and the Sussex Cancer Centre policies.

The main purpose of the therapy will be to:

  • promote relaxation

  • reduce anxiety

  • ease symptoms such as pain, nausea, poor sleep patterns, help the patient find coping mechanisms and strategies.

The Macmillan Horizon Centre will offer and promote access to a range of Complementary Therapies to anyone affected by cancer, their carers and families, including therapies such as:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Relaxation Techniques.

This is not a full list and additional therapies may be added subject to demand and agreement by the Management Board of the Macmillan Horizon Centre.  

Physical activity

We know that cancer and its treatments can cause a range of side effects including fatigue, stress and anxiety, bone thinning and heart problems. At the Macmillan Horizon Centre when it opens we will be promoting and encouraging physical activity. Physical activity including walking is a fantastic way to manage and even prevent these. Regular physical activity also has a potential role in reducing the risk of cancer recurrence and in increasing survival.  

Walking for health

Macmillan supports the nationwide Walking for Health programme, which offers short and easy walks. To find out more, including details of health walks across Sussex, visit Walking for Health.

We'll be looking for volunteers to offer people affected by cancer the opportunity to build their confidence and discover physical activity opportunities in their community. This will be a mix of one-to-one support as well as courses and taster sessions in circuit training, yoga, dance, health walks and more.  

Hair, skin, nail and body advice

Please contact if there are any services that you think should be added to the details below. We'll be looking for volunteers to help people feel better. They will talk about different products and offer advice. 

Body image

We have information about the effects cancer and its treatment can have on your body image. We hope our workshops and sessions will help people find ways to cope with these changes and the emotional effects.

Hair loss

Some cancer treatments can cause hair loss. We will be working in partnership with Trendco, the Hove based wig specialist, to offer access to individual appointments and group sessions that provide advice and support on hair loss, options for wigs and wig management. We will also be looking for volunteers to run sessions about wigs and hair care during treatment.

Strength in Style

You can also find support and advice from TONI&GUY, one of the world’s most established hairdressing brands. TONI&GUY is working with Macmillan to launch Strength in Style, a scheme to help improve the quality of hair care on the high street for people affected by cancer. 

Macmillan Cancer Support and mynewhair have launched an innovative new partnership to help reach and improve the lives of people affected by cancer. mynewhair is a charity dedicated to supporting individuals with medical hair loss. Founded by renowned hairdresser, Trevor Sorvbie MBE, it is a network of trained hair professionals who provide advice and wig cutting services to people who have lost their hair after cancer, and training for hairdressers who wish to offer the service in their salons. 

Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors

These are Boots No7 Advisors who have been trained by Boots UK and Macmillan to help and support people manage the visible side-effects of cancer. You may find that some of the side-effects of cancer treatment are having an impact on how you feel about yourself. Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors can give you free, face- to-face advice about caring for your skin, hair and nails.

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) provides free skincare and makeup workshops for women and teenagers with cancer. These are held in over 70 hospitals and cancer centres throughout the UK. This uplifting service is offered through partnerships in East and West Sussex and Brighton and Hove. For more information please visit Look Good Feel Better or call 01372 747500. 

Practical and buddy support

When the Macmillan Horizon Centre opens in Summer 2016 it will be able to refer people to practical support and befriending services.

Brighton Buddies

Brighton Buddies is a befriending service for people affected by cancer. At home or in the local community, activities can include:

  • going for a walk or coffee
  • a listening ear service that provides emotional support
  • a helping hand for everyday practical tasks, such as cleaning, folding laundry etc
  • support for people affected by cancer who would like to reflect upon their work situation and think about the future
  • twelve weekly visits, each lasting one hour, with potential to extend on a case by case assessment.

Email or telephone 07971007182

Dietary advice

When the Macmillan Horizon Centre opens in Summer 2016 it will offer a schedule of workshops and an opportunity for one to one advice about diet.

There will be a kitchen attached to the large meeting room that can be used for dietary, nutrition, and cooking demonstration sessions.

We have had a number of focus group discussions with service users to discuss ideas and the need for dietary and nutrition advice to be provided from the Macmillan Horizon Centre.

We're still working on what we will be able to offer. Our discussions have given us some interesting ideas that we expect to develop and explore, including:

  • 'Eat Well Feel Better' - Cooking classes or workshops for different groups of people, including those going through treatment, carers, or people who have been bereaved
  • group courses
  • open one off sessions 
  • diet/nutrition classes or workshops
  • weight management 
  • mindfulness and eating.

In the cafe 

  • 'Tea and talks' - regular session with different themes and focus
  • taster food
  • food and drinks that are good for people going through certain treatments
  • posters 
  • dietary information with menu options
  • cookbooks and guides.

We have a lot of information about eating healthily, as well as recipes to help if you're affected by certain symptoms and side effects.

Self help and support groups

There are a variety of self help and support groups across Sussex that offer different types of support and activities for people affected by cancer. You can find details of local and national self help support groups or by contacting

When it opens in Summer 2016 a number of existing self help and support groups will start to use the new support centre as the venue for their meetings and further groups will be set up. 

Activity-based support groups

When it opens there will be a programme of activity based support groups, with a focus on activities such as singing, art and walking. 


The Macmillan Horizon Centre will collect information about travel. Once we are open we will explore options to find solutions to travel and transport issues where we can.

The Welfare Benefits and money advice service will provide information about grants and help with the cost of travel to treatment.

We have started to gather information about travel and transport and what we have so far is below, with links where available. Please email if you know of anything that you think it would be good to add to the information we are sharing below.

Planning your journey

The Brighton and Hove County Council Journey Planner can help you find your way to the centre.

Parking at and near the Royal Sussex County Hospital

Details of parking and directions for travelling to the Royal Sussex County Hospital are on the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals website.


40X Bus  between Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath and the Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton, is free to patients and a carer on showing an appointment card. Find more information and a bus timetable.

Help with health costs

You can find more informaion about The Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme that offers support with travel costs for people on a low income.