Team Up

It's not unusual to find that you need an extra pair of hands around the house when you're living with cancer. Lots of people affected by cancer have told us that they find it a bit more tiring or difficult to stay on top of practical jobs around the house.

Team Up is a free service in West Cheshire where security-checked volunteers sign up to carry out small practical tasks lasting up to an hour. The tasks that you can Team Up on currently are:

  • light housework
  • ironing
  • light gardening
  • company to walk or cycle
  • shopping
  • collection or delivery.

Lisa signed up to Team Up after hearing about it at a support group she attends:

'I had surgery and radiotherapy rather than chemotherapy, so I wondered if I would be eligible for Team Up. I thought there were probably others who needed it more than I did. For some of the time I was juggling work and treatment, so I didn't always have enough energy to get all the things I needed to do done. I signed up to Team Up to get some help with the housework and I'm glad that I did. Because my awesome volunteer did the hoovering and cleaned the bathroom, I could spend what little energy I had on cooking myself something healthy for dinner.’

There’s no regular commitment to Team Up, you can log in and post tasks whenever you need a helping hand. If you're caring for someone with cancer then you can sign up too, and you can be at any stage in your cancer journey to register for support. Check out our FAQs for more information about the service.

Register today and find out more. If you’re interested in volunteering for Team Up then search in the Volunteering Village or register for Team Up directly.

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Our volunteers offer practical and emotional support to people affected by cancer. We want to make sure no one goes through cancer alone.