Before your operation

The main aim of surgery is to remove the cancer completely. Your surgeon will also try to reduce any changes that an operation may have on your speech and swallowing.

Before the operation, the surgeon will explain the procedure to you. It’s important you understand what it involves and how it will affect you in the short and long term. You will usually meet other members of the MDT (multidisciplinary team) before your surgery. This can include a specialist nurse, a speech and language therapist and a dietitian. They can provide support and advice before and after the operation.

You’ll have some tests to make sure you’re fit enough for the operation. These are likely to include blood tests, a chest x-ray and an electrocardiogram (ECG) to check your lungs and heart. You may have these done at a pre-assessment clinic before you go into hospital.

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Who might I meet?

A team of specialists will plan your surgery. This will include a surgeon who specialises in your type of cancer.

After your operation

After surgery, doctors and nurses will make sure your breathing is safe and your pain is under control.