Tumour stages - image description

This diagram shows the five stages of melanoma within a cross-section of the skin. It also shows the different layers of the skin. The top layer is the epidermis. Beneath this is the dermis, which sits on top of a layer of fat. Blood vessels within the dermis and fat layers are also shown. The five tumours in the diagram increase in size from left to right. The smallest tumour (Tis) sits on the top layer of the skin. The next tumour (T1) extends a little further into the epidermis. The next tumour (T2) extends to the bottom of the epidermis. The fourth tumour (T3) extends further into the dermis. The largest of the five tumours (T4) on the right side of the diagram, extends down from the top of the skin, through the epidermis and dermis and into the fat layer of the skin.