SIRT - image description

The illustration shows a person’s body from the front. The body is shown from the chest down to the tops of the thighs. The position of the liver is shown inside the body. The liver is a large solid triangular shape that sits across the top of the abdomen, under the chest. The triangular shape forms a point at the right-hand side of the abdomen.

A thick tube is shown running down the centre of the body from behind the liver. This is a large blood vessel. The large blood vessel splits into two narrower blood vessels in the lower abdomen. One narrower blood vessel goes down into each leg.

Inside the liver there is a rounded irregular shaded area. This is a tumour. A small blood vessel splits off from the large blood vessel under the liver. This small blood vessel goes up into the liver and splits again into the tumour. Inside the tumour it splits into a network of tiny blood vessels.

A fine tube is shown going into the blood vessel at the top of one of the thighs. This tube is a catheter. The catheter is shown inside the blood vessels from the thigh to the liver. The tip of the catheter sits in the small blood vessel in the liver that leads to the tumour.

Many tiny dots are shown inside the network of tiny blood vessels in the tumour. These dots are the SIRT beads. An arrow shows that the SIRT beads are flowing out of the catheter tip and into the tumour.