Side view of female organs PMP - image description

The image shows a side view of a female body from below the chest down to the upper thigh. It shows the structures and organs in the abdomen and pelvis.

There are three small openings into the pelvis between the legs. The opening closest to the back of the body is called the anus. It leads up into a tube shaped space called the back passage or rectum. The opening closest to the front of the body leads up through a short narrow tube called the urethra. This leads into a rounded hollow organ called the bladder. The opening in the middle leads through a longer tube called the vagina. This leads into a hollow organ with thick walls called the womb or uterus. At the top of the womb, a thin short tube is shown leaving the womb. This is a fallopian tube. It leads to a small solid oval organ. This is an ovary.    

The womb sits behind and over the bladder. Above the bladder and womb, a large space is shown. This is called the peritoneal space and fills the front half of the body. Most of the space contains an irregular bundle of thick tubing. This is the bowel. Above the bowel is a round hollow organ called the stomach. Above the stomach is a large solid organ called the liver.

A thin lining is shown covering the walls of the peritoneal space. The lining also covers the surfaces of the liver, stomach, bowel, bladder and womb. This lining is the peritoneum. A long flap of tissue is shown hanging down in the space in front of the bowel. This is the omentum.