Saving energy in your home - image description

This infographic shows a cross-section of a house with three floors. Each floor has two rooms. In the top-left room there is an image of a light bulb, indicating that we should use energy-saving light bulbs and turn lights off when not using a room. In the top-right room there is an image of a sink with the tap running. There is a toothbrush in a cup, and advises us to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth or shaving. In the middle-left room there is a bath with a shower attachment. Water is sprinkling from the shower head. It tells us to use a water efficient shower head, which many water companies offer for free. In the middle-right room there is an image of a door, telling us to shut doors and windows to keep the heat in. We should also seal gaps around doors with draught excluders. In the bottom-left there is a a kettle, two mugs and a radio on a kitchen surface. It indicates that we should only use the water we need when boiling a kettle. In the bottom-right room there is a computer. This advises us to turn off computers, TVs and other electrical items when not using them and not to leave them on standby.