Physical activity guide - be active build strength image description

The diagram has two columns that show how much physical activity is recommended for adults in the UK. The first column is ‘Be active – keep your heart and mind healthy’. Beneath this is a row called ‘How often’ and it shows that you should aim do 150 minutes of moderate activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week. Under the 150 minutes there are three icons showing that walking, gardening and swimming count as moderate activity. Under the 75 minutes are icons showing that running, sports and taking the stairs count as vigorous activity. The second main column is called ‘Build strength – strengthen muscles, bones and joints’. In the ‘How often’ row, it suggests doing these sorts of exercises 2 days a week. Below the ‘How often’ row are three icons showing that going to the gym, doing aerobics and carrying bags of shopping are strength exercises. 
A final row at the bottom is called ‘Sit Less’. This has icons of a TV, a sofa and a computer. Under these it says ‘Break up long periods of sitting down to help keep your muscles, bones, and joints strong’.