Male reproductive system - image description

The illustration shows a male body from the side. The lower abdomen, pelvis and upper part of the thigh are shown. The penis is shown hanging down outside the front of the body. Behind the penis, a small solid oval organ is shown hanging below the body in a pocket of skin. This is the testicle in the scrotum. Inside the body a rounded hollow organ is shown. This is the bladder. It is behind and above the penis. Below the bladder is a smaller, rounded hollow organ. This is the prostate. A thin tube leaves the lower end of the bladder. This is the urethra. It travels through the prostate, down the centre of the penis to an opening at the tip of the penis. Inside the prostate, another thin tube branches off the urethra. This is the spermatic cord. It travels through the prostate and behind the bladder. There a small irregular gland connects to the tube. This is the seminal vesicle. The spermatic cord continues up and over the bladder and connects to the back of the testicle.