Parts of the larynx – image description

This is a side view of a head and shoulders. It shows the nose, mouth and throat. There is a tube from the back of the throat that goes down the neck. This is the gullet or oesophagus. In front of the gullet is the windpipe. It shows the position of the larynx at the top of the windpipe. The larynx and windpipe are to the front of the neck area. There is a small, oval shape across the top of the windpipe which is the vocal cords. The vocal cords are in the middle of the larynx. This part of the larynx is called the glottis. The illustration also shows the other 2 main parts of the larynx – the supraglottis which is the area above the vocal cords and the subglottis which is the area below the vocal cords. Above the larynx and the gullet is the epiglottis.