Internal examination cross-section – image description

The image shows a woman’s lower abdomen, pelvis and upper thigh from the side. The person is lying on their back with their knees raised.

The position of the bladder, womb and back passage (rectum) are shown in the pelvis. The bladder is closest to the front of the pelvis. A short narrow tube runs from the bladder to a small opening on the outside of the body between the legs. The back passage is shown closest to the back of the pelvis. This leaves the body through a small opening closer to the back between the legs.

A third opening is shown between these two openings. This is the vagina. The vagina leads from the opening into the pelvis between the bladder and back passage. At the inner end of the vagina is the cervix and behind the cervix is the womb.

An instrument called a speculum is shown sitting in the vagina. The speculum has two handles that are outside the body between the upper thighs. A screw connects the two handles so they can be adjusted closer or further apart. Inside the vagina, two long, rounded parts of the speculum are shown. These are holding the walls of the vagina apart. The speculum is slightly see-through as though it is made of clear plastic.