How genes are inherited - image description

This illustration shows how you inherit genes from your mother and father, how you pass them on to your children and how there is a 50% chance of passing on a mutated gene. A mother and father are labelled at the top. Arrows come down from these towards a label that says “you”. Here, there are shown 3 pairs of chromosomes. The ones on the left have come from your father and the ones on the right have come from your mother. There is a caption saying ‘You have 46 chromosomes (which contain your genes) arranged into 23 pairs. Half your chromosomes come from your mother and half from your father’. The diagram also indicates that one of your chromosomes has a mutated gene. Alongside you on this diagram is a label “your partner”, also with 3 pairs of chromosomes. Arrows come down from you and your partner, towards a label that says “your child”. Here, there are another 3 pairs of chromosomes shown. There is a caption which says ‘Only one chromosome from each pair gets passed on to your child, so there’s a 50% chance it will be the one with the mutation’. A third caption says ‘The other half of your child’s genes comes from the other parent’.