Cross-section of the head - image description

The illustration shows a side view of the head. At the top of the head above the nose are the two paranasal sinuses. These are small air-filled spaces in the upper bones of the face. Below this is the nose and the area inside it. This is called the nasal cavity.

Underneath the nose is a side view of the mouth with upper and lower teeth. Beneath the lower teeth is the floor of the mouth and below this the chin bone.

The tongue extends from the back of the throat. The throat is called the pharynx and it’s divided into three parts. The upper part, which goes up towards the nasal cavity, is called the nasopharynx. At the back of the mouth, below the nasopharynx, is the oropharynx. Underneath this, is lower part of the throat, called the hypopharynx.

In front of the hypopharynx and below the chin is the larynx. The larynx is usually called the voicebox.